Master Chef
Sompon Nabnian

Whilst living as a Buddhist novice monk for 9 years, Chef Sompon was able to travel around Thailand, meeting new people and sampling different styles of Thai cuisine. This period of exploration instilled in him a passion for Thai cooking and a strong desire to learn and grow. His unique early life paved the way for him to become the man he is today.

After leaving the temple, he lived abroad for several years where he worked with world-class chefs, learning new techniques and honing his culinary skills. During this time abroad, his gastronomic expertise and passion for food, and in particular Thai food, flourished. He realized that he wanted to share his knowledge and love of Thai food with the world.

In 1993, he opened one of the very first Thai cookery schools in Thailand at the Thai Cultural Center in Chiang Mai. There the internationally-renowned CHIANG MAI THAI COOKERY SCHOOL was born.

Over the years, he has been a presenter and chef on Thai cooking shows on international TV networks, such as the National Geographic, BBC, UKTV, TVB, CCTV, and Travel Channel amongst others. He traveled around Thailand creating his own TV series, The Thai Way, in which he explored the different regional styles of Thai cooking, and taught viewers to cook some of his favorite dishes. He has traveled extensively training teams of chefs in restaurants and luxury resorts, such as in Zimbabwe and Amanyara Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He has also published two books about Thai cooking, A Passion For Thai Cooking and Thai Home Cooking.

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